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The timeshare industry holds a lot of secrets they would rather potential buyers not understand. That is why they havehigh pressure sales presentations with enticing giveaways to lure potential buyers. They often do not even allow people of lesser incomes to attend these hyped-up ‘closing’ seminars, because they know chances are even slimmer that they can sell their overpriced ‘rip off’ products, as they might to someone who has more disposable income.  

While the initial concept of time sharing was pure genius, for most people, purchasing a traditional timeshare is not the great deal that they propose. They come with a non-recouped investment, high price tag, fees, ongoing liability and other pitfalls. Here are a few.     

1. History shows Timeshares Are a Bad Investment

In fact, they aren't an investment at all, since it makes little sense to put money into a depreciating asset and expect a return. Timeshare sales representatives rarely push them as a quality investment these days (as was common in the past), they still use subtle wording during to give the impression that purchasing a timeshare is a good financial move. Terms like "life-quality investment" are often used to try and tie the words "timeshare" and "investment" together. If you don't listen carefully, you will think that a timeshare is a great investment when, in fact, it's anything but.

2. You Can Get the Same Timeshare (or membership only access to all) for Half the Price

Timeshares are notoriously difficult to sell. That means that those who have purchased a timeshare but no longer want it must greatly discount their unit to sell it. You can find the exact same units being sold directly from the timeshare resorts on timeshare resale sites at a discount of 50% or more.

3. You Lose 50% or More When You Sell

As mentioned above, reselling a timeshare is extremely difficult even for the best of them. Similar to a car driving off a dealer's lot, timeshares will lose 50% or more of their value the second you sign on the dotted line. In the worst-case scenario, you will be trapped with a timeshare unit (and the yearly fees) that you can't even give away.

4. There are new, less expensive ways to Rent Timeshares

Many people can't use their timeshares for various reasons. Instead of just letting the timeshare sit unoccupied during the time for which it is already paid, many timeshare owners try to rent out their weeks to recoup some of their money. In many cases, you can rent the same week at the exact same resort for less than it would cost to own the same unit (and many times for less than the timeshare fees would be) without any of the associated risks that come with timeshare ownership.

5. Timeshares Come with Multiple Hidden Risks

When you purchase a timeshare, you purchase a part of that building. That means that if there is a disaster, you are responsible for a portion of rebuilding the timeshare. While timeshare resorts are supposed to retain adequate insurance, they don't always carry the coverage they should and there are certain disasters for which coverage may be too expensive. This leaves you responsible for covering these losses if the unfortunate should happen.

6. Miss One Year and You're Better Off Without a Timeshare

All the calculations the timeshares sales representative offers will be assuming that you use the timeshare every year for years into the future. When all costs related to the timeshare are taken into consideration, a timeshare's price can range from being much more expensive than a comparative hotel to being slightly less expensive. This, of course, is if you use your timeshare every year.

If all your timeshare expenses add up to $1,500 a year and a comparable hotel in the area for the same week would cost $1,600, you may think you have made a financially wise decision by saving $100.

If you use a hotel, rent a condo, rent a timeshare unit or use some other similar accommodations for your vacations and one year you can't go for some reason, you aren't out any money. With a timeshare, however, you lose the entire $1,500 you have already paid. Nobody expects that they won't be able to travel every year, but life throws out unexpected twists that will probably keep you from using your timeshare at some point. If you miss that one year, you would likely be financially better off had you not purchased the timeshare.

7. Trading Isn't Near as Easy as Claimed

When you hear the timeshare sales pitch, the sales representative will make it sound like you will be able to trade your unit with others around the world with ease. Rarely is it easy to exchange, and nearly every transaction means you will have to pay additional fees to trade, if it is possible at all. If you won't be going to the exact same spot year after year, a timeshare won't save you any money and will likely cost you much more.

8. If You Can't Pay in Full, It's a Terrible Deal

Another issue often omitted by timeshare representatives during the calculations is the cost of financing a timeshare. Banks know that timeshares will lose their value and therefore don't consider them real estate in the loans they provide.

Instead of low rates that are tax-deductible, a timeshare loan will come with a double-digit interest rate and in most cases will not be tax-deductible. When you add the cost of this financing to the overall cost of the timeshare, it makes little financial sense to purchase one if you can't pay for the unit in cash.

9. Travel Is Not Calculated When Comparisons Are Made

One of the tricks timeshare sales representatives use when attempting to show you what a "great deal" timeshares are is that they will include your travel expenses when calculating the cost of your current vacation, but conveniently forget to include travel costs when calculating the cost of the timeshare. If you aren't paying attention, you may believe you're getting a deal when in reality all the savings came from leaving out the travel expense that you must still pay.

10. Hotel Prices, taxes and fees are increasing ( So Are Timeshare Fees)

Another one of the tricks timeshare sales representatives use is telling you how much hotel prices are increasing and then telling you that your timeshare will still be the same price 15 years from now. What they fail to tell you is that thetimeshare fees are not locked at the current rate and will also likely increase as time goes on so the timeshare can be upgraded to keep up with newer competition. This means all that money you were supposed to save is unlikely to ever materialize.

Keeping all of this in mind when considering long term strategic vacation plans will do you a world of good, literally. Our Resorts Network has packaged ALL of the benefits and none of the negatives to the timeshare concept. 

Happy members: 

Today let me start off by giving you an amazing story…

We’re members with Global Resorts...I want to tell you about the travel club.

The GRN Global Resorts travel product includes 3, 4, and 5-star resorts; over 5000 different resorts around the world ...

My brother is in the military and he can’t leave his base except for 200 miles away. 

So we as his family wanted to see him on his off time, which is May 24-31 (Memorial Day weekend) and a very, very busy weekend at all the beaches; as a matter of fact, it’s probably the busiest weekend of the year).

So we contacted our GRN Global Resorts Networkand asked for a condo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one of the busiest beach destinations of the country, for 7 people and a baby.

We weren’t really expecting to get a resort last minute, but nonetheless, we tried. And guess what?

Not only did they get us a two-bedroom condo last minute when everything else was sold out, but they accommodated us at the extremely wonderful Wyndham Fairfield Seawatch Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC (Here’s the resort site:http://www.seawatchresort.com/) Go to that site andcheck out the quality of this resort.

Needless to say, we were absolutely blown away!

How much did we pay for this luxurious one-week vacation? Go to that site, try to book direct and you’ll find out that Memorial Day weekend runs for at least $336 a night. We’re staying 7 nights, so that would total $2352 plus tax. BUT…

With Global Resorts, we only paid $799 for the WHOLE WEEK, taxes included!

M & C



We actually used our membership to take a one month trip to Myrtle Beach SC. It was great they upgraded us from a 7th floor studio to thepenthouse suite 2 bedroom 2 bath overlooking the grand strand. We paid 298.00 for the first week and 275.00 for weeks 2,3 and 4. 

While we were there we made $4500.00 in commissions that were delivered via FedEx right to the resort we were staying at. 

I told my wife that the resort side of our membership works, let's find a cruise, well we did, 8 days 7 nights leaving out of Tampa, Fl. on July 22nd 2007, we were able to get a private suite with a private balcony for just $259.00, wow. 

We also booked a really nice Sheraton stay on the Saturday the day before the cruise for 43.00 dollars.I love this membership ...

J & C

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